Foreclosure FAQ

How can I find foreclosure deals?

We keep a list of foreclosure opportunities for the St. George, Washington County, and Southern Utah market and can make it available to you at any time. In fact, we can e-mail it to you every day if you like.  Just contact us at the form below.

I feel like I’m taking advantage of somebody when I buy a foreclosure.

Actually, you are helping un gum the housing market. Thank you!  The people who owned the house are losing it. You buying it actually reduces what they owe the bank, or if they owe anything.

I’m not going to get the good deals the pros get.

The auctions happen when I’m not there, or by the time I read it in the paper, a deal is already done.

If you dabble at it, that could happen.  This is why we have a team dedicated to striking while the iron is hot. Having Tim Tucker represent you brings his team and the whole Re/Max support structure to bear to find YOU deals that work for you.

How do I know if there are any other risk, like liens in the the deal?

Research has to be done. Doing foreclosures safely is not just an investment of money, but also time. You have to research public records, see if there are any court actions, and other governmental records.  The question is whose time and how efficiently. We spend most of the day looking for good foreclosure deals and making them happen.

I’m from out of town. I’d like to invest, but don’t see how.

We handle this all the time. We go to auctions as your proxy. We can search for properties that match your needs and share detailed information and pictures. Finally, we can schedule very tight appointment visits for days you can be in town so you can see all the properties in person and make decisions about what you want us to bid for at the auction (if it comes to auction).

What is Pre-Foreclosure?

This is when the bank notifies publically that foreclosure is about to start on a property. This is when you can “strike” for good deals, or if you are the home owner when you can sell (perhaps to you via a short sale) or refinance.

What is REO?

REO stands for “Real Estate Owned” and it basically means that the property was foreclosed on but didn’t sell at the foreclosure auction. The bank owns it now. We track REO opportunities in the St. George, Washington County and Southern Utah areas. Our foreclosure opportunities list will have REO listings. Sign up to be notified at the bottom of this page.

What is a HUD foreclosure?

HUD is the Housing and Urban Development agency of the government. They are, in effect, a bank.  HUD foreclosures are REO properties owned by the government. They are sold at an auction. We track this list too and include opportunities in our daily updates.  The VA (Veterans Administration) and FNMA (Fannie Mae) also has properties like this. If the opportunity exists in St. George, Washington County, or Southern Utah, we track it for
our clients.

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